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More speculation about blogging and MSM

Found this article concerning blogging and mainstream media... yeah, another.
Is blogging a threat to newspapers? Is it going to have a major impact on MSM? etc? etc?

Valid questions all. Though I do think it's a little silly trying to pit MSM and blogosphere against each other all the time - it's not a war, you know. It's not even a battle. It will be - when blogging begins to pay, and when MSM can imagine itself without being paid-for.... besides, there are so many people who're doing both. In fact, I can guarantee that almost all bloggers who aren't already in print/on TV/ media of some sort, would love to get there. For money, perhaps, but not just the money.

I suspect we'd all like to be EVERYWHERE. MSM, if we can. Blogs, because we can. Introduce half a dozen other forms of communication, and we'd all like to play with it a little, even if we don't make a living off it.

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