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re-re-repeat funnies in Express, Delhi

Will SOMEBODY please explain why the Delhi edition of the very-loudly-empowered Indian Express has had the same cartoop strip printed day, after day, after repetitive day?

There's the one about Calvin telling Hobbes that he's wondering if human being and tigers go to the same heaven, because if they did, then they couldn't eat people, who are all supposed to be happy in heaven. Then Hobbes says that if they couldn't then the tigers wouldn't be happy.

This particular strip has been there for a week, at least.

Also, there's one cartoon strip called Cathy, where Cathy is taking her husband shopping and the last panel has the word 'nanosecond', mouthed by the salesgirl.

All the other strips have also been re-re-repeated. I can understand one day of repetition. Oversight by the sub-editor who was making the page... but day, after day, after day?

Somebody please go and tell the sub concerned.
Thought you didn't read the Express because it was too right-wing, Annie :)
heh. money-saving idea, probably?
So is Bangalore Times. I am tired of reading over and over again, about Calvin's leaf gathering project. Well a series of the same strip related to this awesome project is being repeated. And the only thing worth reading in Bangalore Times WAS Calvin and Hobbes.
Mayb the " Express cant express " these dayz ..

Yea i knw.. my tagline sucks.. cant compete with u elite bloggers :(

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