we, the media

We, the media

There are so many of us bloggers who straddle MSM and blogs, earning our livings in the media in some way - in newspapers, magazines and TV channels, in advertising and PR, as journalists, columnists, freelancers, writers, consultants, researchers.

And we know there's much that's wrong there. Things that need pointing out. Things that we, as insiders, wholly or part-time, can see just as clearly as those on the outside.

A watchdog, yes, but not just one person's views. A critical, yet balanced view from people who understand both sides of the story. An open forum, of the media, by the media, for the media.

Is there a place for this? A need?

This blog is an attempt to find out.

Watch this space.
Great concept -- interested to see more on the blog. I post a lot of rants about the Indian media on my blog,, from a somewhat slanted perspective in that I am an American who has only dabbled in Indian journalistic circles.

Can't wait to see how this develops.
Indian blogosphere is a reflection of Main Stream Media.

If you disagree, then be courageous enough to take interviews of guys in "save indian family". Whether you publish it or not, that is upto you.

An ideal journalist has to be perfectly non-judgemental and must have the courage to interview anybody (a saint, a sinner, a murderer, a terrorist, a conservative and a libertarian...).

An ideal journalist also must avoid the obsession to change the world.
Congrats Peter --

as a (long)-erstwhile (sometime)-freelance [arts]-journalist -- ergo a (putative) quasi-quasi-kin anyway -- perhaps my nascent journo sanskaras retain some kinda spark, leading me here. Will be interested to see what unfolds.


ps: not being familiar w/ "save Indian family" [and not being in India to boot], I can't comment on the content of the "anonymous" post above. I can though comment on the form of it. The imperative sentence has got to go! (just a thought)

An ideal imperative has simply got to include some hint of the tentative (even if simply through the mild amelioration of a a rhetorical question), don't you think? Or am I wrong here? Tentativity is the very [insert superlative] of [insert clever category], wouldn't you say? The very chime of charm, so to say.

[Emphatically describing the (proposed) nature of "an ideal journalist," as (evidently) a[n intended] persuasive device: this seems a painful attempt at rhetoric. (Painful mainly for its general lack of probable persuasion.) However, as said, I lack context here. It's mere habit of language analysis that gets me into this cul-de-sac. Perhaps unsuitably.]
being a beginner to blogging, am actually overwhelmed by what's going on... just started a blog called, and want to do lot of meaningful stuff, like informally exchanging info about business media (bizmedia), plants in biz dailies and magazines, requirement of people, the churn, the comments about indian media, etc...
you can help ideate...
i think,now these indian men are Affraid of us

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